Vacuum Analogy

You vacuum regularly, right? Your space always feels 20x better once you are done. You see all the dirt in the canister, and realize how dirty things were and you didn’t even notice. Day to day wear builds up so slowly that we sometimes don’t even notice it. Sometimes that happens within our body as […]

Working Out Analogy

What would I get if I only worked out one day per month? Not much, right? Things that are good for you must be done on a consistent and regular basis. Whether that be working out, eating right, getting sleep, and chiropractic care. You get the most out of these things if you do them […]

Pressure Washer Analogy

Recently our building was pressure washed. What an amazing difference it made! Sometimes you don’t realize the amount of build up on something until you remove that build up. The building looks newer, fresher, and more inviting. Your body is the same way. Daily wear can slowly build up on your system, on your spine, […]

Fresh Paint Analogy

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for a place. The look and feel of an environment can be completely transformed with a touch up, or entire coat of fresh paint. Sometimes the walls get dirty, and other times a total overhaul is in order. Your body is no different. Daily wear […]

Dirty Laundry Analogy

Laundry. Personally I’m not a fan of doing laundry, but I do it to make sure my clothes are clean and fresh. Clothes typically don’t get dirty because we are slobs who spill things on ourselves, but rather than daily wear requires that they be cleaned regularly to look good and last. Your body is […]